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Study pathway a Canadá - Start with a diploma

ViveCanada offers its students the option of doing a pathway to study in Canada and eventually apply for permanent residence (PR).

You can study a one-year diploma to try the experience before joining a 4-year university degree (bachelor). The advantage is that the credits you obtain in your diploma can be revalidated when you join the bachelor’s degree.

What degrees do we have?

Business Management CO-OP Diploma: It will help you develop knowledge and skills in:

Business Communication
Economics (international trade, business law and marketing)

Hospitality Management Diploma CO-OP: This program is designed to develop applied hospitality and tourism management skills. With the necessary tools to compete in the international environment.

How does it work?

You can join a one-year diploma, if you want to continue with the pathway to achieve residency, you must join a bachelor’s degree after completing the diploma.
At the end of your bachelor’s degree you can apply for a Post Graduate Work Permit (PGWP) which will allow you to work full time after finishing your studies. The length of your PGWP will depend on how long your study program lasted.
After having studied a university degree, accumulating qualified work experience and having perfected your English, you should already have the points to be able to apply to PR.

If you only want to have a one-year experience in Canada and you are not interested in obtaining temporary residence, we have these two diplomas that could interest you.

International Trade Work Experience Diploma CO-OP: With this program you will have a practical understanding of international business management.
Marketing Diploma: This program will provide you with training in market research, international marketing and direct marketing campaigns.

Duration: 6 months of diploma + 2 months of work experience.


6 months of diploma
6 months paid professional internship (CO-OP)


Flexible schedules
Work permit for 20 hours per week
Certificate at the end of the course
Transferable 4-year bachelor’s program (Business Management and Hospitality Management)


Intermediate English (take exam)
Valid passport
Be of age
High School/College Kardex
Make school payment (8,000 – 10,000 CAD approx)
Process study permit (we advise you)
Demonstrate economic solvency through account statements


Ideal for students who have just finished high school, want an experience studying and working abroad or start their pathway to residency in Canada through study. These programs are aimed at people committed to study.

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