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Limited Time! Start your English pathway from home, online English classes from one of the best academic English schools in Toronto.

Whether you study from home or at our school in Toronto, CA. Our qualified teachers are ready to improve your English skills. Remember that we have a free placement exam, as well as a free trial class.

Who is this pathway for?

It is a great opportunity to improve your level of English with the ultimate goal of entering a Canadian educational institution. That is, a university in Canada so you can study from a diploma, bachelor’s or master’s degree.

Students can enter the path at multiple levels. The first level of our program is the ESL Foundation. It is intended for students who have a basic or beginner level of English.

After successful completion of the ESL Foundation program, students can enter the Pre-Academic 1 course. Our Pre-Academic courses continue to provide general English skills for academic purposes. The Pre-Academic course consists of 4 levels.

With our wide range of educational agreements, our students will be able to enter directly (to study a diploma, bachelor’s or master’s degree) by successfully completing our highest-level Pre-Academic Program.


Valid passport
Make payment and join the school (we advise you)
If you want to study in person, you need to process your study permit (we advise you)
NOTE: An English course does not give you the benefit of being able to work part-time in Canada.


The Pathway lasts 30 weeks with intensive classes of 25 hours a week.
The cost will depend on your level of English, it is necessary to take an English test to give you a real quote.

Do you want more information?

Write to whatsapp and one of our educational agents will gladly support you

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